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Tax Resistance

Stop the government from using your
taxes to fund illegal war.

War is illegal. Successive pieces of international legislation have outlawed war as the most heinous of crimes. These same laws also condemn the planning, support and financing of war as a crime punishable under law. And yet, the UK government has pursued aggressive war repeatedly – flagrantly breaking these laws. Indeed HMG is continuing to commit aggressive war crimes around the world on a daily basis. What’s more, by collecting tax from its citizens and using some of those tax revenues for the purpose of aggressive acts, the UK government is implicating each and every one of its citizens in committing war crimes. There are therefore several occasions in law when collecting and paying tax is a crime. Those same occasions mean there are situations where it is lawful, legal and legitimate to withhold tax.

The Tax Resistance campaign aims to help both Individual and business taxpayers - and tax collectors, understand the realities behind tax, the law and war. And to help them take action to ensure that the tax paid and collected is not misused for criminal acts.

This website is currently under construction and when finished it will provide UK citizens with all the information and tools they need to understand the law around tax and war, and to take the necessary steps to ensure they stay on the right side of the law.

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